Sadness Ensues...But Triumph remains!

2014-10-23 23:18:04 by Selcv

Alright, so it has saddened me to say that my former equipment was stolen from me a few month's ago. BUT! I have aquired my cousin's laptop in spare time to accord to any and all act's or messages. 


To Mejson: Hello! and appologies for not replying sooner due to the circumstances. Please message me about new event's and/or anything you wish to speak to me about C: I'll be happy to reply!

P.S: I love you're animation's for the Counter strike Series. <3


Alrighty, now that I have gotten the fanboy stuff out of the way. I've had relentless messages asking me about certain event's and or games/animations that will be coming out soon. I honestly have no clue what I shall be doing in the post future. I am currently free for anyone wishing for me to be of some assistance. In SOME circumstances will I do free work. But in other cases when I am either not feeling generous (Rarely) or when I need the money. I will set a price with the employer to negotiate term's for a contract on the animation or game. 


Thankyou for tuning into my little channel here, be sure to comment what you think, and inbox me some questions! I'll definitely be more ontop of things.


For now I must go. 


Ciao!~ Selcv


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